The Coffee Shop

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Great conversations happen at coffee shops. It is a community, a neighborhood, even if you might not live in the immediate area, people who frequent a coffee shop, are a community. Discussion in my coffee shop can range from the mundane to things that are deep and personal because that is what happens at coffee shops. Sometimes people like students drop by to escape the cold or heat, to hang with their buddies for a while. Workers commiserate at the coffee shop about work because it is safer than complaining about your boss in the lunchroom where tables have ears and secrets can spread. People who are unemployed or retired frequent coffee shops to talk to their friends, or just people at random to shatter loneliness and isolation. Beyond the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee is the ambience that is unique to coffee shops. Bars and restaurants have their own ambience. A coffee shop has a unique ambience that spreads community and holds it together. That is the intent of my coffee shop.

Thoughts on Grief

I come from a great family. I grew up in a home with two amazing parents who were married for almost 70 years. Both lived into their 90s. I lost my father about 11 years ago and my mom died about 3 years ago. Before they died, I had never really lost anyone close to […]

Sexuality and Sexual Misconduct re: NHL

There have been two significant off-season stories in the NHL recently. In This Post, I will Discuss: Nashville Predators Player Luke Prokop Montreal Canadiens rookie player Logan Mailloux Cancelling Our Celebrities/Politicians Nashville Predators Luke Prokop Luke is the first openly gay NHL player. That is news because sexuality and professional sports, particularly in North America […]

Stanley Cup Rant 2021

If you look really close, you can see a faded Canadian Maple Leaf. This rant has nothing to do with the perennial demise of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the Toronto area, Leaf fans joke that in every other place in the world leaves fall in the autumn. In Toronto, though, the Leafs fall in […]

WordPress: Two Days Later

A couple of days ago, I published a rather scathing review of things that I thought were wrong with WordPress. Some of the things that I wrote in that post were, I think valid, but there were things, that on reflection, I think were probably not fair. First, I believe that WordPress is probably the […]


I am a white male Canadian. I was raised in a white European home. My ancestry is from the UK and Europe. I grew up believing that racism existed in places like the American South, but not in Canada — and I knew that I was not a racist. While I didn’t have a lot […]

Mourning The Death of WORDPress

I have had a blog on WordPress for many years. There was a time when this site was for real writers, people who could be described as word artists. These were mostly amateurs, like myself, who were just really literate people. There was a time when this site was populated by people who knew how […]