Scriptural Scribbles

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Articles on this page will likely appear sporadically. I have wanted to add this page for a while, but the recent crisis at my church has inspired me to pick up my Bible again, as opposed to relying upon my “knowledge” of it. I am learning new things, seeing new things, and God is opening my eyes and heart to new dimensions of my faith through my reading of the Bible most days of the week. I have a Top Ten List of things that I want to accomplish every day. I list three or four passages of Scripture to read, usually a chapter from each book, that I read each day.

My Bible is colorful. I use pencil crayons to highlight passages. I underline, make notes, add references to the text, such as Greek or Hebrew meaning or definitions. My Bible can get rather messy at times, but it is mine and it reflects what God is saying to me through Scripture. I believe that Bible study should be interactive between God, others, and me.

So, the articles that appear here will be a reflection, or perhaps a snapshot, of what God is revealing to me as I study my Bible. If you are looking for profound theology, I won’t be offended if you read other blogs. There are many, many Christians more learned than me.

I hope my reflections help you, though.