Moving File 2022

I originally began this page on my MacBook Air, but switched to my iPad Pro because I could not get the WordPress app to work on my computer, nor did the WordPress sites respond well in any of my browsers. So, I will post with my iPad for now.

March 1 2022 I will move to a new apartment. I currently live in a 400 square foot bachelor apartment. This has been a great place to live for the past four years or so, but it is time for a change. I live in the Region of Halton, in Ontario, Canada. I am a low-income senior and about four years ago put my name on the list for rent-geared-to-income apartments. This past December, my name came up.

Most moves can be nerve-racking experiences. I have never handled moves very well. I was telling someone recently that one move, when I was in university, stood out above all the rest. I couldn’t really decide on how to pack most of my stuff, so I went out to a local grocery store and bought 100 plastic bags. So, when my friends showed up to help me move, most of my stuff was strewn around the place in plastic bags. I am not sure how they managed to do the move, but fortunately, someone had better organizational skills than me. I am ahead of the game this time, but there are still 27 days until I move.

I am hoping to regularly post to this file over the next month, but as many of you can see, I am sporadic at best when it comes to posting. I am hoping that this year I can do a better job at being somewhat more consistent with my posts.