Christian Sexual Ethics

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Target Audience: Christians seeking sexual insights within community

Sometimes sexuality can look a lot like the graphic above. It can be hot, exciting, bright, but it can also be dark, sinister, dull, empty, and lack meaning or relevance. I am not a counselor, nor am I trained as a health care professional. I am a person who has battled my own sexual demons and I empathize with all my fellow Jesus-followers who also have struggled under the weight of religious guilt, shame, and secrecy.

The articles on this page are not designed to be tame, nor are they written for the timid. I believe they are progressive rather than liberal. Far too many Christians (Jesus-followers) live in prisons of guilt, shame, remorse, and self-loathing for me to write pretty, puritanical articles that won’t ruffle feathers. I am not trying to cause trouble, nor am I trying to trigger people who have real problems, but sweeping them under the ecclesiastical carpet, like churches have done for centuries is, not working. I want to believe that we live in an enlightened world, that we are at a point where many Christians want to ask hard questions and are not satisfied with lame answers, deflections, and theologically safe answers proffered by insecure ministers.