The Christian Life

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Life does seem upside down at times. Imagine going to churches for over forty years then going to a new church and over time almost everything you have learned about Christianity is flipped upside down because the teaching pastor looks at life much differently than any other pastor in your life. That is what happened with me. For the first time in over forty years I am part of a church that invites hard questions and isn’t afraid to say, “I dunno”, if they really don’t have the answer.

Posts associated with this page will often be edgy and controversial. There will be some stuff here that you would not normally find on a Christian website. I am not a conservative Christian, by the way. I try not to define myself with labels, but it does happen and I am not all that upset when it does happen, but I try to avoid them myself.

Christianity and Homobigotry

This one passage is the nuclear blast that completely destroys all perceptions that heterosexual people are more accepted by God than any other sexual preference.

Church Ambush

Target Audience: Christians, Conservatives, Survivors of Spiritual Abuse In this post I will discuss: My Experience The Seismic Shift Caused by the Moral Majority The Danger of Dogmatism Elitism Conclusion Intro The original title of a Facebook post I wrote a number of years ago was Baptist Ambush. I wrote the article, posted it on […]

Mental Health: A Jesus-Follower’s Core Identity

Intro Some rambling thoughts this morning about mental health, the pandemic, and coffee shops. Have you ever been around a bunch of laughing, giggling people when you are really feeling down? Even worse, have you been to a party, or a family function that is intended to be a joyous affair, but you are just […]

View from the Food Bank

Target Audience: Evangelical Christians, The Wealthy, The Poor In this article I will discuss: Food Bank Communities Three Observations Helping the Poor Teaching People How to Fish Conclusion Preface Some things that I write on this blog are analytical. They may not be personal, but this post is very personal to me. I grew up […]

Church and Single People

In This Article I Will Discuss: The Platinum Ideal Marriage in the Bible The Critical Flaw The Consequences of Intransigence Singleness in Marriage Single People in Churches Progressive Solutions Single People Conclusion The Platinum Ideal Leave it To Beaver was a 1950s fictional television show about the Cleaver family: Ward, the husband and father, June, […]

The Foundation: Knowing God

Preface The foundation for every blog post in this file is a relationship with God. Going to church is a good thing. I would recommend finding some kind of faith community where you can serve God. Reading your Bible is also a good thing. Whatever kind of Bible you use, online, an app a device, […]

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