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Bob Parry

The pandemic has not been all that bad for me. In July 2020 I sold my beloved 2009 Chevy Equinox, but I will write more about that later. I hang out at The Meeting House in Oakville, although due to the pandemic, hanging out has been via Zoom. I have been tutoring ESL once again, and I have resurrected my decades-old hobby of writing to inmates in the US (more about that later too).


Early Election Rant Sometimes, I try to be unbiased or objective. When I write about Canadian or American elections, what I write is most often biased and subjective. The posts in this […]

Church Ambush

Target Audience: Christians, Conservatives, Survivors of Spiritual Abuse In this post I will discuss: My Experience The Seismic Shift Caused by the Moral Majority The Danger of Dogmatism Elitism Conclusion Intro The […]