About This Blog

This is my second blog. I started the first one several years ago, but decided that it no longer accurately reflected my life, so a new, fresh start was needed.


My objective for this blog is to primarily connect to the progressive Christian community. Everyone is welcome, though. I enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people.


When I started this blog I was really excited because I really wanted to write about some edgy stuff that has been swept under the church carpet for far too long. Indeed, every voice that discusses issues that impacts people is needed and welcome, but there are likely a million other voices talking about the same things as I am writing about, so I am unlikely going to write something that is deeply profound (although that is always a possibility), or unique. Perhaps it comes down to style and how comfortable people are with how I write, what I write, and perhaps the variety or focus of this site.

Then, I got this idea that perhaps I could make money from what I write here. Then I stumbled upon The Art of Blogging. He is incredibly candid about his own experience, and shares with his audience his experiences and wisdom. I could still make a few bucks here, but the reality of this situation is that there are so many other bloggers out there writing stuff that is the same as what I am likely to write that making money is highly unlikely. He offers positive, constructive tips on how to write better blog posts, and the difference between those that get noticed and the ones that people just click on by. It is worth your while checking out his blog.

Premium Content

Who knows? Maybe one day I might write some stuff that is worth money and people may pay to read it, but that day isn’t today.

Short Term Goal

I think my short term goal is to build a following, people who come back here every week and read what I have written. Right now I am writing almost every day, but is not likely going to be an ongoing thing. Very likely I will post once or twice a week over the next few months.


So, I do hope you do enjoy this blog. Please join the conversation. Leave comments and ideas about what you would like me to write.