Bob's Journal

A Long Absence

One of the more difficult things for me to overcome as a writer is apathy and the ability to sort information. When I started this new blog a few months ago I spent an inordinate amount of time stressing out about what to write, how to write it, coming up with nifty pictures and titles. I read other blog writers. Some of their suggestions were helpful, but sometimes I got so bogged down that I merely abandoned blogging altogether. In reality, I enjoy blogging, sharing my ideas and thoughts in community. For me, though, I need to have the feeling of freedom.

When I was in university, I suffered from horrid writer’s block. I tell people that I can count on one hand the number of essays that I probably handed in on time. I would go to a professor’s office and tell him all about my essay. He would say to me that I had the essay written — in my mind — but the challenge was to get it on paper and handed in. What was I worried about? Making a stupid mistake. Well, it finally happened. I was doing some upgrading at another university, after I got my degree in Political Science. I wrote an essay on reforming the welfare system in Ontario (Canada). It was too long and my professor asked me to trim it down. I took it home and cut part of the essay out. Unfortunately, I deleted the analysis of the reform of the welfare system in Ontario. That mistake cost me his recommendation to grad school. Ever since then I have always fretted over everything I have written.

Today, I will start writing a new series of blog messages about God in Community. Over the past few months/years, I have come to realize that community is so very important to God. I am not sure how far I will get, but I will try to publish the first in the series soon.

For the readers and followers who do read my blog posts, thank you for reading what I write.


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