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Early Election Rant

Sometimes, I try to be unbiased or objective. When I write about Canadian or American elections, what I write is most often biased and subjective. The posts in this notebook reflect how I see the election and my country. I do not believe that anyone can be truly unbiased or objective because how we all see the world is colored by where we came from, our religious beliefs, or lack of them, our education, our culture, our life experiences, and other variables. So the idea that anyone can be truly objective, I believe, is a myth. We all see things through our lenses and our truth is subjective and relative. It doesn’t devalue what we believe, but I believe there is value in being honest about the fact that I am not objective in my political beliefs, nor do I make much of an effort to be unbiased. With that said…

Liberal Party of Canada

Traditionally, I support the Liberal Party of Canada. Since WWII, the Liberals have governed Canada all but 25 years. Most of the time, the Liberals campaign from the center-left, but govern from the center-right. The current Liberal government has campaigned from the left, and pretty much governed from the left.

The Liberals have a history of distinguished prime ministers, dating back to William Lyon McKenzie King, who led the country through much of the Great Depression of the 1930s, and WWII. Lester Pearson led two Liberal minority governments in the 1960s, ushering in many social programs that were born in the Report for Social Security for Canada (1943). Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, governed for about 15 years and battled rampant inflation in the 1970s, an attempt to usurp the authority of the Canadian government in 1970 by the FLQ in Quebec, and negotiated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which defines our rights and freedoms in this country. Jean Chretien governed for about 11 years from 1993-2004. He, along with Paul Martin, who would succeed him as prime minister, left the country with a healthy surplus, which Martin guarded.

While the Liberals have had some leaders who were noteworthy, they have also had one or two leaders who might have been great leaders, but were pretty much spent by the time they reached leadership. John Turner, a brilliant lawyer and academic, who challenged Pierre Trudeau for the leadership in 1968, didn’t have much gas in his tank by the time he assumed the leadership in 1984, only be soundly defeated twice at the polls by former Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney. Stephan Dion, an academic from Quebec, was certainly bright enough to lead the country, but had virtually no charisma or personality that would inspire or motivate people to vote for him. Michael Ignatieff, also a brilliant academic, had the same problem and led the Liberal Party to its worst defeat in history in 2011. After losing his own riding, he retreated back to Harvard University, which is where he should have stayed. Bob Rae, once an NDP premier of Ontario, was largely responsible for rebuilding the Liberal Party after the disastrous 2011 defeat, could not win the province of Ontario in an election because of his record as NDP premier from 1990-1995, thus he receded into the shadows of the Liberal Party and TV commentator.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the current leader of the Liberal Party, has none of the brains his father had, but is good looking and charismatic.

My Choice 2021

The pandemic is not over. It is summer in Canada, and our numbers are down, much like they were last summer. Most health experts predict we will be heading into a fourth wave sometime this fall, which may be the primary reason the prime minister decided to go to the polls now rather that in October or November.

Many people across this country are hurting. Many people have lost jobs, family members due to COVID, and are struggling. Perhaps the government cannot continue to help everyone, but there are sectors, I believe that have been hit harder than others. The middle class has been hit particularly hard. Single parents, low-income workers, Indigenous people across the country, low-income seniors, just to rhyme off a few constituencies that come to mind easily. This is not the time for an austerity budget or programs aimed at cutting government spending and reigning in the deficit. That day will come, but I believe we need at least another 18 months to 2 years of spending to help stabilize the economy and help those in need.

As such, my choice in this election is Liberal. I do not believe Justin Trudeau is necessarily the best of the three main leaders. I would rank Jagmeet Singh as being the smartest and the most competent among them. I believe Trudeau has more political awareness and sensitivity than Erin O’Toole, and for that reason, I will be voting Liberal.

Thoughts or Comments

What are your thoughts about the September 20th election? Have you decided who you will support? What are the most important issues for you? If you believe we should begin to cut government spending, how can we protect the poorest and most vulnerable among us? Do you believe any of the leaders are telling the truth?

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  1. Dear Bob

    Hello from the UK. I like your article. It is, as you say, true that no one can be ‘truly unbiased or objective’ because if you know the truth then you cannot tell a lie, except perhaps to expose it.

    I have written recently on my site about Justin Trudeau. I have tried to be fair but it was very difficult.

    I cannot vote as I am not Canadian, but I know Justin Trudeau is not to be trusted. I can see why people would vote for the Liberal party. The trouble is you don’t directly vote for Justin himself as I understand it.

    He is raising huge debt for the country and trashed the economy based on the existential threat from the ‘flu, a.k.a. Covid 19 since rebranding last year.

    He is only the figurehead behind which the main culprits hide of course. Here’s my link if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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