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Sexuality and Sexual Misconduct re: NHL

There have been two significant off-season stories in the NHL recently.

In This Post, I will Discuss:

  1. Nashville Predators Player Luke Prokop
  2. Montreal Canadiens rookie player Logan Mailloux
  3. Cancelling Our Celebrities/Politicians

Nashville Predators

Luke Prokop

Luke is the first openly gay NHL player. That is news because sexuality and professional sports, particularly in North America are often mutually exclusive. Most people have known for many years that there are LGBTQ+ players in all the major sports leagues in North America, but the homobigoted culture, not just of the players in professional sports leagues, but the culture itself has prohibited many LGBTQ+ players from coming forward. I believe it is time to encourage more young men and women to come forward and come out so they can live honestly and openly among their peers, and allow their peers to treat them with the dignity and respect that is due them. Kudos to Luke. I am a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, but I hope that he has many years of success in the NHL. For once, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and I are in agreement.

Montreal Canadiens

Logan Mailloux

I am not going to include Logan’s picture in this post. It has been splashed across news media and the web in the last few days.

The Montreal Canadiens signed a 17yr old rookie who had admitted to sending a sexually explicit photo of a woman over the Internet. This happened a year ago when he was 16. I am not sure of the details, but this young man requested that he not be drafted this year, but the Canadiens decided to move ahead and draft him anyway.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the Montreal Canadiens for their faith in this young man and their hope that they can mentor him into a decent and honorable man. The prime minister seems to have forgotten that it was a mere two years ago that he had to face the cameras and apologize for wearing blackface, not once, but at least twice, prior to entering politics. The prime minister was a good bit older than Logan when his indiscretions occurred. He threw himself on the mercy and forgiveness of the Canadian electorate at that time, hoping they would forgive his faux pas as a youthful indiscretion, which most of us did. It seems that Mr Trudeau, having been forgiven by the people of Canada for his youthful indiscretion is not about to extend the same grace and courtesy to Logan.

Cancelling Our Celebrities/Politicians

Enough is enough! Logan Mailloux is a kid, a teenager, for heaven’s sake! He is not some mid-forties predatory executive who prowls the office luring somewhat innocent young women into his web of sexual misconduct. We all know there are plenty of men like that. Logan is a kid. He did what a lot of kids do these days (and a lot of adults who will never admit it). He posted sexually explicit pictures on the Net. He took responsibility for it, apologized, and offered to pay the price for his mistake. Let’s move on.

There is a real problem, though, when we become a society that is so unforgiving, so harsh, so judgmental that there is no redemption when someone makes a mistake, or gets caught in conduct that is clearly inappropriate. Isn’t it odd that just five years ago Americans elected a man president who had more accusations of sexual misconduct than Bill Clinton and JFK combined. They were more than happy to turn a blind eye to Donald Trump — and still do. Far too many celebrities have had their careers destroyed, from movie stars and journalists like Bill O’Reilly, who I never liked, Charlie Rose, and the list is rather long so I will stop there. How much destruction is needed before we will admit that what we are observing is human nature? It has been like this since time began.

There are far too many predatory men out there. They need to suffer the consequences of their behavior. That being said, there are also a lot of women out there who are “players’. They are willing to engage in everything from flirting to full on sex with the boss to get promoted and implement their agendas. That, too, has been part of office politics for as long as offices have been around. That does not diminish the trauma and the tragedy of women who are exploited by evil and corrupt men. That recognizes that human nature has not changed since the beginning of time. Prime Minister Trudeau may claim that he is an ardent feminist, that he believes in treating women equally, but in reality he really believes in giving all women a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. In the six years he has been in office, he has demonstrated that he will fire a man in the blink of an eye, but with women, think Jody Wilson-Raybould, he would rather drink battery acid than fire a woman. Julie Payette, now a private citizen again, served as Canada’s Governor-General until she was forced to resign earlier this year. The media had been calling for her resignation for months. Prime Minister Trudeau stalled as long he could (I think he was hoping that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II would make the move and fire Payette) before he finally demanded her resignation. Is there any doubt that if a man had been accused of mistreating employees, that Trudeau would have fired the guy immediately?

When we cancel our celebrities and politicians it sends a chilling message to people who are contemplating going into politics or being more open with their celebrity status. Is it any wonder that many celebrities live in virtual fortresses to protect themselves and their families. When former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper’s son, Ben, went out with buddies and had too much to drink, Mr Harper had to go before the media and assure them that this was a private family matter. In other words, butt out. My point is: it was never their business and had no reflection on the integrity of Mr Harper as a person or him as a parent.

My views are not politically correct. They are just correct!


Do you agree or disagree with the views in this post? Your comments help all of us connect to the larger blogosphere community. Your comments also help me develop this blog, and help me develop as a writer. Please share your thoughts.

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