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WordPress: Two Days Later

Second Thoughts

WordPress: Two Days Later

A couple of days ago, I published a rather scathing review of things that I thought were wrong with WordPress. Some of the things that I wrote in that post were, I think valid, but there were things, that on reflection, I think were probably not fair.

First, I believe that WordPress is probably the best blog hosting site on the Internet. The templates are not that easy to configure, for me, but they have excellent chat tech support. I have used their chat tech support extensively over the past couple of days. I have learned a lot that I didn’t seem to be able to find in the help files. What I wanted may very well be there, but I was not able to find the help I needed by searching the help files and videos.

I haven’t used many other blog sites, but I can see why WordPress is perhaps the leading site on the Net. I have tried Blogger and Wix, both reputable sites, but they do not have the variety, nor do they seem to have the level of support for their users. I quickly returned to WordPress resolved to figure out the problems I was having with the template that I chose. Oh yes, some templates do seem to be for the Business level, and my opinion that I believe WordPress should either grey out or put an alert on the template that may be above a user’s current level, is quite valid and fair.

At this point, I am very satisfied with WordPress and would recommend this site to anyone who is serious about blogging.

My Situation

I am a disabled senior living on a fixed pension. The financial support that I can get from this site makes my life more livable. Please consider a financial gift as an encouragement for the work that I do here. Thank you.

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